My flower making journey - From curiosity to passion

Hello guys!

This is my very first blog post and i'm so excited to start sharing with you my flower making journey!

I started making paper flowers when I was in high school just out of curiosity. Fast forward 10 years later, this turned into my passion and soon enough I have paper flowers everywhere in my house. Everyone that saw them always commented on how pretty and realistic they looked. Once day, my sister suggested that I sell them so other people can enjoy the flowers as well. I was skeptical and nervous that no one will pay for my craft and appreciate them the way I do. Despite being scared of the result, I took her advise opened up an Etsy store. The first month was a little slow and I barely had any order. Just like starting any business, the beginning is always hard and fills with doubt. I decided to give it 3 months before even considering giving it up. About a month later, the orders started flooding in due to mother's day and I couldn't be more excited. Meanwhile, my sister asked me to make a bouquet for her engagement photo shoot so that I can professional pic taken for my work. Once we post her engagement pic, we received amazing comments from the internet. These positive comments assured me that people like paper flowers and willing to pay for my works. There is no better feeling in the world when other people appreciate and love your works. Just a few months since the shop opened, I had nearly 60 orders including many wedding bouquet replicas. 60 is not a large number for many people but it is huge for me. Never in my wildest dream that I thought I would get to this point. The support of many has been the biggest inspiration for me to keep going. I'm forever thankful for those who trusted and gave me a chance to start this amazing journey!

My sister engagement photoshoot bouquet

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